Balance Business and Family with The Power of Focus – Les Hewitt – S2Ep04

Balance Business and Family

Balance Business and Family with The Power of Focus w/ Les Hewitt

Even if you’re highly dedicated to your business, you need to find time for you and for your family. Easier said than done, right? My guest Les Hewitt today shares with you some of the lessons he has learned about being a successful entrepreneur, having a beautiful, close family and having it all. In this episode, Les will teach you the the fundamentals of creating focus.

Les Hewitt is known as The Focus Coach by his peers and his clients and it’s the founder of the Power of Focus Coaching program, a unique focusing system for business leaders who want bigger profits, less stress and more time off. Les has worked with more than 300 companies in Canada, United States, Australia, Singapore, the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Les is also the number one New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Focus, which has sold more than 825,000 copies in North America and is available in 21 languages. There are currently 6 books in the series. Les’s work is all about how the power of focus can help you hit your business, personal and financial targets with confidence and certainty.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a family, this is episode is for you!

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“Resourcefulness is how you react at life’s hurdles.” -Les Hewitt, the Focus Coach

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The 64 million dollar question (and answer!) about having a beautiful family AND a successful business
  • Creating win-win in a marriage - it’s not what you think
  • What’s underneath those moments when you’re not happy in life
  • The surprising result of taking time off from your business
  • The basic fundamentals of creating focus
  • How relationships play a crucial part in creating focus
  • The importance of your habits and choices when creating focus
  • How to change everything with just a few simple shifts in habit
  • 5 powerful business fundamentals
  • Why you need to change one habit at a time and keep with it for as long as it takes
  • Les’ recommendation for your morning routine
  • The importance of purpose throughout your life
  • How you can make the most of your second fifty
  • Les’ legacy for the world
  • Les’ action steps - recommendations for you to act on the next 48-hours.

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