Better Communication Through Body Language – Sharon Sayler – Episode #45


Communication Through Body Language - Tina Dietz & Sharon Sayler

My guest today is Sharon Sayler. Sharon Sayler is an international communications trainer, speaker, best-selling author and CEO of the strategic communications firm Competitive Edge Communications, a company devoted to teaching professionals around the world how to be courageous leaders using critical communication skills.

Sharon works with a wide range of clientele — executives, entrepreneurs, universities, corporations and organizations such as Delta Airlines, Yale’s Graduate School of Management, and the Women’s Executive Leadership Council.

I am most excited to talk to Sharon about body language, which I find fascinating. Sharon also has a free bonus for Super Starters too, so don't forget to check that out.

Listen To The Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • 4 Tips for being interviewed
  • Why Sharon Started Something
  • Why she was “done” with corporate America
  • How children motivated her in business
  • How we underestimate our available time
  • What led Sharon to her current role as a communications expert
  • How an introvert can become an expert in communications
  • How getting pushed out of the nest was the best thing that happened to her
  • Non-verbal communication is more accurate than verbal communication
  • How you can contradict yourself without ever saying a word
  • Different vocal patterns can communicate completely different messages
  • How to use mirroring and matching to get more information
  • How your breathing can instigate “fight or flight” mechanisms
  • The legacy Sharon wants to leave

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