The Business of Giving, Rather Than Getting – Bob Burg – Episode #44


I'm a huge fan of today's guest and having him on the show is a dream come true. His book, “The Go-Giver” is one of the few that made it through my down-sizing, when I moved to Costa Rica to become a location independent entrepreneur. It's that good! Bob advocates a small shift in your business that can bring about big changes. He truly espouses the philosophy of adding value to the lives of everyone you encounter, whether or not you are an entrepreneur. So, let's see what kind of value you can add, and how it can change your business!

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The entrepreneurial spirit is in the nature of some people who can’t see themselves working for someone else.
  • Bob’s book is a business fable focusing on “giving” instead of getting.
  • In the context of the book, “giving” means constantly providing value.
  • The book includes Five Laws: value, compensation, influence, authenticity, and receptivity.
  • Bob discusses how to demonstrate value without selling at the lowest price.
  • Bob’s Five Elements of Value: excellence, consistency, attention, empathy, and appreciation—these will separate you from your competitors.
  • Why you should NOT focus on making money! Your target has to be serving your customer!
  • The questions you should ask about your business!
  • How to find (and NOT find) a mentor—Be professional but not needy!
  • How to add value to others apart from your product or service.
  • The greatest people skill of all? Genuine interest in another person.
  • How Bob’s principles line up with human nature.
  • Creating abundance for others actually creates abundance for me!
  • Bob’s legacy? Continuing his dad’s legacy of making people feel genuinely good about themselves.

Featured on the Show:

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