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How To Create The Year You REALLY Want

The Year Your Really Want - Tina Dietz

When it comes to creating a satisfying, fulfilling year, I’ve learned that taking time to create what Stephen Covey would’ve called “big rocks” (major goals) at the beginning of each year is key. Here are several key elements that you need to create the year you really want.

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How To Reduce Your Stress Immediately With 2 Vocal Techniques

Reduce Your Stress Immediately - Tina Dietz

Did you know that can you reduce your stress immediately with simple vocal techniques? Here’s a couple of techniques you can try out today

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What To Do When You Are Afraid To Say The Wrong Thing

Afraid To Say The Wrong Thing - Tina Dietz

What opportunities and possibilities do you find yourself diminishing or killing off because you are afraid to say the wrong thing?

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3 Techniques to Tame the Identity Monster in Your Head

Identity Monster - Tina Dietz

Do you know those voices in your head that tell you all kinds of nasty things about yourself? That is Identity Monster – Here’s how you can tame it

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2 Minute Confidence Boost

Confidence Boost - Tina Dietz

We all possess the innate ability to change our confidence level quite literally in 2 minutes with a simple Confidence Boost

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