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Audio/Video Tips for Perfectly Imperfect People

Audio and Video Production Tips - Tina Dietz

I’ve put together some audio and video production tips and techniques for you to help you get started using audio and video so that you can experiment with getting yourself and your message out into the world in a bigger way.

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Boost Your Business Through Networking – Greg Peters – S2Ep25

Boost Your Business - Tina Dietz & Greg Peters

Greg Peters, the reluctant Networker, is back on The StartSomething Show to talk with us more about how you can boost your business by networking

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How To Successfully Achieve Your Goals – Pete Winiarski – S2Ep24

achieve your goals - Tina Dietz & Pete Winiarski

Pete Winiarski joins us to show how you can successfully achieve your goals without getting lost and have some fun with the process

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How To Unleash The Message You Really Want Others To Follow – Sharon Sayler – S2Ep23

unleash the message - Tina Dietz & Sharon Sayler

Sharon Sayler, communications and body language expert, joins us to talk about how you can unleash the message you really want others to hear and follow

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Unleash Your Leadership Through Purposeful Storytelling – Michel Neray – S2Ep22

Unleash Your Leadership - Tina Dietz & Michel Neray

Michel Neray is one of my favorite people on this planet! Today, Michel talks with us about how to unleash your leadership through purposeful storytelling

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