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How You Can Use The Power Of Sound to Reduce Stress – Sharon Carne – S2Ep17

Sound to Reduce Stress - Tina Dietz & Sharon Carne

Use The Power Of Sound to Reduce Stress w/ Sharon CarneSharon Carne is the owner and founder of Sound Wellness, a brilliant organization at the forefront of education of how sound and music can be applied to your everyday life, making it better.Sharon is a professional musician,

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How to Get Better Organized to Grow Your Business Faster – Sharon McRill – S2Ep16

How to Get Better Organized - Tina Dietz & Sharon McRill

How To Get Better Organized w/ Sharon McRillSharon McRill, owner and president of The Betty Brigade, is one of the most organized and straightforward human beings I’ve ever met, and an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. The Betty Brigade is a full-service relocation and organization company based in

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Embrace Your Sensitivity – Maria Pascucci – S2Ep15

Embrace Your Sensitivity - Tina Dietz & Maria Pascucci

How To Embrace Your Sensitivity and Become a Better Leader w/ Maria PascucciAuthor and transformational speaker Maria Pascucci works with high achieving and highly sensitive people to embrace your sensitivity as one of your greatest assets. After showing us how to lead with your authentic message, Maria hands out

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How Understanding Neurological Hardwiring Improves Business – Lisa Mininni – S2Ep14

Understanding Neurological Hardwiring - Tina Dietz & Lisa Mininni

Understanding Neurological Hardwiring w/ Lisa MininniHave you ever stopped to think about the importance and the role that our neurological hardwiring plays in your business? Today, we are diving into this fascinating topic with hardwiring and systems expert, Lisa Mininni.Founder of Excellerate Associates and the Excellerate Success Institute

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Unleash Your Creativity and Decision Making Through Doodling – Carolyn Ellis – S2Ep13

Unleash Your Creativity - Tina Dietz & Carolyn Ellis

Unleash Your Creativity and Decision Making w/ Carolyn EllisFounder of and visual facilitator doodling goddess extraordinaire, Carolyn Ellis, is going to show you how to unleash your doodling powers to feed your creativity and decision making. This VIP Backstage Pass episode is best listened to after you

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