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How to Simply Eliminate Stress And Anxiety For Entrepreneurs – GuruNanda – S2Ep09

Eliminate Stress And Anxiety - Tina Dietz & GuruNanda

Eliminate Stress And Anxiety w/ GuruNandaStress and anxiety are nearly ever-present spectres for most entrepreneurs, since we tend to be “Type A” personalities. VERY successful entrepreneur-turned-yogi, GuruNanda, joins us in this Backstage Pass to show us you how to go from distress to de-stress with super simple techniques

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How to Stop Overthinking Social Media – Elaine Lindsay – S2Ep08

Stop Overthinking Social - Tina Dietz & Elaine Lindsay

Stop Overthinking Social Media w/ Elaine LindsaySocial media is crucial nowadays, but i know many of us struggle with it. Elaine Lindsay, founder of TROOL Social Media, social media consultant, Google+ Evangelist and speaker, shares with us her immense expertise on the subject and makes it easier for

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Find the One Thing You Were Born to Do – Steve Olsher – S2Ep07

the One Thing You Were Born to Do -

The One Thing You Were Born to Do w/ Steve OlsherSteve Olsher has been an internet entrepreneur since the days of dial-up, having founded multiple businesses including the infamous He is the NY Times Bestselling author of “What is Your What: Discover the One Amazing Thing You

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Become The Highly Influential Person You Aspire to Be – Teresa de Grosbois – S2Ep06

Highly Influencer

Become Highly Influential w/ Teresa de GrosboisTeresa de Grosbois is all about teaching you how to become more influential, so that you can have a bigger impact with your message. Being an influencer means building relationships, lifting up others and creating cycles of reciprocity, rather than scorekeeping, boasting, or making

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Marketing for Professionals Who Hate Marketing – Terri Levine – S2Ep5

Marketing for Professionals

Marketing for Professionals Who Hate Marketing w/ Terri LevineYour brilliance doesn’t have to be in marketing and sales. Your brilliance is your expertise. BUT, what do you do when you can’t stand selling and marketing? Here’s how you can become influential and successful even when you’re not good

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