Creating Passive Income with E-Books – Sylvie McCracken – Episode #49



Sylvie McCracken helps passionate entrepreneurs create passive income with e-books, so they can enjoy more freedom in business and life. After a decade in the entertainment industry, Sylvie started her first business in the nutrition and health industry. After passing the 6 figure mark in 18 months with e-books, she set out to teach other entrepreneurs how to do the same with a big focus on efficiency. Sylvie's past and current clients range from bloggers to medical professionals.

Listen To The Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How she passed the 6-figure mark in 18 months
  • Why e-books are the easiest content to create
  • How Sylvie was able to leave her job in 12 months
  • How and when she made the decision to hire a team
  • The critical team members she selected
  • How she chose to grow her business
  • Why picking the right e-book topic is crucial
  • How anyone can write an e-book
  • Why succeeding in business is more of a mindset thing than anything
  • Spending the time upfront makes the back end selling easier
  • Why bloggers are a natural fit for e-books
  • E-books are great when you don’t have 1 on 1 time to offer clients
  • What Sylvie hopes her legacy will be

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