Ep #11: Elaine Lindsay – Hangouts for Success

Hangouts for Success - Tina Dietz & Elaine LindsayToday, our special guest is Elaine Lindsay. Elaine is a motivational speaker, social media consultant, and a Google+ evangelist. Her goal is to teach others how to host their own show like a pro by utilizing Google Hangouts and YouTube Live Events to revolutionize their business.

Elaine is an early adopter of new technologies and has been a featured authority in two #1 best-sellers, Social Media Myths BUSTED and Solving the Social Media Puzzle. Elaine is also the host of Business Banter Plus TV and regularly appears as a guest expert on a number of media outlets, such as CTV Ottawa and The Learning Curve Podcast in Dubai. She is also the Dean of Social Media for Social Buzz Club University.

Elaine joins us to today to talk about the incredible hardships and the physical setbacks she has overcome, and how she has purposefully turned her life into an experience filled with opportunities. Calling herself a Bionic PollyAnna, Elaine has survived multiple car accidents and botched surgeries, one of which cost her part of her left leg. Today, Elaine shares how she moved past her physical injuries to succeed and thrive in her business and life. Don't miss Elaine's amazing story that is sure to inspire you to start something in your own life.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Elaine was finally able to get past the “start something” stage.
  • The bizarre discovery that lead Elaine to social media.
  • Elaine’s inspiring story of overcoming her health problems.
  • How to have a great conversation with anyone.
  • Elaine’s motivation for success.
  • How Elaine was able to move past her limiting beliefs.

Featured On The Show:

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