Ep #15: GuruNanda – 14 Minutes to Change Your Life

14 Minutes to Change Your Life - Tina Dietz & GuruNandaToday, we are happy to welcome GuruNanda as our special guest. GuruNanda is an entrepreneur-turned-yogi and the author of GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga: Wall Street Yoga. His business accomplishments include the successful oral care brand, Dr. Fresh, which earned him the 2011’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and an active position with the Young Presidents Organization.

Previously, GuruNanda, like most entrepreneurs, worked 16-hour workdays filled with stress, poor eating habits and a lack of exercise, which took a dire toll on his health. After an emergency trip to the hospital, GuruNanda rediscovered his childhood love of yoga and incorporated meditation and Ayurvedic practices to transform his body and his life.

GuruNanda traveled the world attending seminars and visiting ashrams to deepen his understanding and practice of yoga and meditation. After years of study and research into the science of yoga and the body, he was able to develop his unique form of yoga and yogic breathing that is easily incorporated into any busy lifestyle. Inspired by his personal experiences, GuruNanda’s mission is to help Type-A, “Wall Street personalities,” to turn distress into de-stress and live a fuller, happier and healthier life.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why the app Periscope is reminiscent of the Jim Carrey movie “The Truman Show”
  • GuruNanda’s formula to live a happy, healthy life
  • The life-changing health scare that helped GuruNanda discover his true calling
  • What GuruNanda hopes that you learn from his teachings
  • How to change your life in just 14 minutes per day.

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