Healing and Health Through Sound – Sharon Carne – Episode #26

TheStartSomethingShow-TinaDietz-SharonCarne-Guest26-picWelcome Super Starters! Today I am excited to have Sharon Carne on the show.  Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness.  She’s a musician, educator, and most interestingly a Sound Healer.  Sound healing is the concept of using sound to aid healing by reducing stress and removing emotional blocks.  It’s an absolutely fascinating practice and Sharon has blown my mind.  You won’t want to miss this interview.  My mind is still reeling!

Also on the Show today… Two things I love very much are business and voice acting. You probably already know that self-publishing a book is a big thing in the business world today.  It’s also a fact that the audio book industry is the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry.  I was amazed to learn that less than 10% of the books published have been turned into an audio book.  So, we want to know what is stopping authors from leveraging their bestselling Amazon books into audiobooks and taking advantage of a HUGE market. If you're an author, would you help us figure out the best way to bridge the gap? We have a quick survey here to gather information so that we can help nonfiction authors make the most of their published work.

Listen To The Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • We’re doing a survey – find out why!
  • What sound healing is and how it works
  • The science behind sound
  • How Sound Wellness came into existence
  • What our most ancient healing tool is
  • The speed of vibrational energy – get your head around it
  • The different impacts of different types of sounds
  • How sound carries emotion
  • Ways to “tune” yourself
  • How we are wired for sound
  • Why you need a Tibetan Bowl, and I do too!
  • How to find your “reset” bowl
  • The types of tools used in sound healing
  • The amazing powers of diamonds
  • How a tuning fork can change your life
  • The health benefits of a “tuned” body
  • How the perfect 5th improves focus.

Featured On The Show:

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