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Meet Tina Dietz

I created StartSomething to serve the mission of igniting 10,000 thriving businesses and provide outstanding small business resources, tools, coaching, and opportunities for small business owners. Together, we’re building a tribe of entrepreneurial, creative people who are community and thought leaders who live well and leave a legacy.

Most people find that making transitions in life is challenging at best, but I’ve learned to love and master the process. There is a dance between the external building of a new endeavor and your internal landscape. If you want to create lasting success you need to be able to bring both sides together. Coaching you through the steps of this dance and into a business and life where you are thriving…that’s where I come in.

Some unwitting person handed me a tape recorder and microphone when I was 2 years old and the first thing I did was start interviewing people. I still have that tape and I still haven’t put the microphone down. I am an entrepreneur born and raised, answering phones in my parents’ business starting when I was 4 years old and going to trade shows when I was 6. I’m also a therapist with a special focus on developing human potential.

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