Organized for Success in Life and Work – Sharon McRill – Episode #25

organized - Tina Dietz & Sharon McRill

Sharon McRill likes to help busy people get things done. She is the Owner and President of the Betty Brigade which is an Ann Arbor, MI based personal assistance and concierge company. Sharon and her team of twelve Betties perform such projects as moving coordination,  organizing and event planning. She's one of the most organized and straightforward human beings I've ever spoken to. Her business currently is in the busy season and business is growing at such a large rate she's hit a huge tipping point.  We're going to talk about that today.

Sharon is not just fantastic at organizing your life, but she is also skilled at organizing your work. Sharon's philosophy of organization is best described as “the best organization system is the one that you will use.” Sharon knows that organizing spaces is highly personal and she strives to work within the frame work that will fit neatly into your life.

Sharon has a lot of wisdom to share about growing businesses. She has grown her business and has even considered franchising. Sharon's organizational skills contribute to her business success, and she is here today to share both tactical and strategic tips to help you get your life and your business organized.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Our Don't Be That Guy segment – find out who it is!
  • How to prioritize your organization
  • How to find an organizational system that works for you
  • Ways to plan the cycles of your organization
  • How your business can improve with organization
  • Ways to know what your strengths are
  • Tips for gaining efficiency in your business

Featured On The Show:

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