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Better Communication Through Body Language – Sharon Sayler – Episode #45

  My guest today is Sharon Sayler. Sharon Sayler is an international communications trainer, speaker, best-selling author and CEO of the strategic communications firm Competitive Edge Communications, a company devoted to teaching professionals around the world how to be courageous leaders using critical communication skills. Sharon works with a wide range of clientele — executives, entrepreneurs, universities, corporations and organizations such as Delta Airlines, Yale’s Graduate School of Management, and the Women’s Executive Leadership Council. I am most excited to talk to Sharon about body language, which I find fascinating. Sharon also has a free bonus for Super Starters too, so don't forget to check that out. Listen To The Full Interview: Listen to Sharon's other episodes on the StartSomething Show What You'll Learn From This Episode: 4 Tips for being interviewed Why Sharon Started Something Why she was “done” with corporate America How children motivated her in business How we underestimate our available time What led Sharon to her current role as a communications expert How an introvert can become an expert in communications How getting pushed out of the nest was the best thing that happened to her Non-verbal communication is more accurate than verbal communication How you can contradict yourself without ever saying a word Different vocal patterns can communicate completely different messages How to use mirroring and matching to get more information How your breathing can instigate “fight or flight” mechanisms The legacy Sharon wants to leave Featured on the Show: Sharon's Website Connect with Sharon:  Twitter | Facebook FREE The…

The Business of Giving, Rather Than Getting – Bob Burg – Episode #44

I'm a huge fan of today's guest and having him on the show is a dream come true. His book, “The Go-Giver” is one of the few that made it through my down-sizing, when I moved to Costa Rica to become a location independent entrepreneur. It's that good! Bob advocates a small shift in your business that can bring about big changes. He truly espouses the philosophy of adding value to the lives of everyone you encounter, whether or not you are an entrepreneur. So, let's see what kind of value you can add, and how it can change your business! Listen To The Full Interview: What You'll Learn From This Episode: The entrepreneurial spirit is in the nature of some people who can’t see themselves working for someone else. Bob’s book is a business fable focusing on “giving” instead of getting. In the context of the book, “giving” means constantly providing value. The book includes Five Laws: value, compensation, influence, authenticity, and receptivity. Bob discusses how to demonstrate value without selling at the lowest price. Bob’s Five Elements of Value: excellence, consistency, attention, empathy, and appreciation—these will separate you from your competitors. Why you should NOT focus on making money! Your target has to be serving your customer! The questions you should ask about your business! How to find (and NOT find) a mentor—Be professional but not needy! How to add value to others apart from your product or service. The greatest people skill of all? Genuine interest in…

Your 1 Year Plan for Adventure – Gail Jessen – Episode #43

Gail Jessen is on a series of adventures. In 2015 Gail quit her job in higher education, sold everything she owned, bought a one way ticket to Bali, and she's working to heal her Hashimoto's disease. Gail has been able to transition from employee to travel writer and coach, while keeping adventure as a priority in her life. Gail is truly a SuperStarter and her story is fascinating. Today you'll be hearing more about Gail's journey and don't miss her luscious travel pics and articles at the links below. PLUS we're also going to be creating her plan for 2016 during the show today – you can create yours too and ring in the New Year with a whole new level of focus and clarity. Listen To The Full Episode: What you’ll learn from Gail about her experience and strategically planning your 2016: How a Hashimoto’s diagnosis prompted Gail to transform her life, quit her job, sell her stuff, and seek adventure! How Gail evaluated her “transferable skills” so that she could generate a new form of income How Gail chooses her travel intentionally to re-calibrate EVERYTHING in her life! The subtle but crucial difference between “living out of a backpack” and “being a backpacker” The technology combo that allows Gail to travel and work from ANYWHERE Gail’s advice to those who may suffer from chronic issues and want more out of life? “Start by believing that you are worth being healthy. Change your relationship to goal-setting. I had to hit a giant STOP button…

How Different Christmas Traditions Got Started – Tina Dietz – Episode #42

Happy happy merry merry to all my SuperStarters! We all love a good story and having interesting conversations. Today I have for you some little stories about how different Christmas traditions got started. That’s right, it’s the StartSomething Christmas edition. Share these with your friends and family at parties and dinners, and they're nifty conversation starters if you’ve got holiday networking events or office parties that you’re going to. Telling these little tidbits are a great way to add something new to the conversation, and make you look pretty smart too. For even more weird and fascinating Christmas facts, scroll down and check out the infographic-you'll even learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in a ton of different languages. What Christmas or holiday traditions are YOUR favorite? Tweet me or post a comment on our Facebook page. A Gift for YOU!  Treat yourself to a FREE audio book from Audible's library of over 180,000+ choices, courtesy of The Start Something Show: Listen To The Full Episode: In this episode, you’ll learn about the beginnings of some of our Christmas traditions: When Christmas was first celebrated, in the 3rd century, Christian religious activities were combined with pagan festivals. Some conservative religious groups didn’t approve of Christmas celebrations, and even into the 1600’s, anyone celebrating was subject to a fine. Christmas finally became popular in North America during the Victorian era. A photo of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria showed the German tradition of a decorated Christmas tree. Exchanging gifts to celebrate Jesus’…

Digging Up Your Story – Michel Neray – Episode #41

Michel Neray believes in the importance of storytelling and shows you in this episode how to start sharing your story to engage your audience. A creative marketing copywriter, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an author recommended by Jack Canfield’s organization and an incredible globe trotting speaker, Michel also created Momondays, a monthly show that has grown from a single location on the second floor of a tearoom in Toronto to nightclubs from coast to coast in Canada and the U.S.  Listen To The Full Interview: Listen to Michel's other episodes on the StartSomething Show What You'll Learn From This Episode: How to get on a podcast as a guest How to become a member of the Start Something Community How Michel initially became an entrepreneur MoMondays began 3-1/2 years ago with only 17 people in the audience. Michel didn’t want to create a classic networking or speaking event. He wanted something different. He knew what he DIDN’T want MoMondays to be. It took awhile for him to figure out what he wanted it to be. How Michel grew to 96 people and more at his events every month. Storytelling for business. This is how we connect, coach, sell and provide leadership. We all have stories, but we don’t realize how valuable they are to others. Michel works both with individuals and corporate. How does he manage to work with both markets? How Michel helps people, companies, and organizations really dig deep into who they are and what they do that is different, unique, and valuable in…

Putting the “Life” in Lifestyle Business – Steve Sims – Episode #40

Steve Sims is an ugly kid from the outskirts of London. He wasn't born into the world of luxury but certainly holds his place there now! Steve is the founder of The Bluefish, the bespoke international travel and lifestyle concierge firm. Google Steve and The Bluefish and you’ll find him on everywhere- the Travel Channel and CNBC the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, London's Sunday Times, The Robb Report, and South China Morning Post, and let's not forget he has been invited to speak at Harvard….twice! He is well regarded for his marketing within the luxury world but be prepared, he does things his way. Expect anything but normal when you listen to this interview. Listen To The Full Interview: What You'll Learn From This Episode: Steve’s drive came from wanting to get away from the family construction business and do something—ANYTHING else! Steve's unique and unexpected approach to building building his network of wealthy and influential people. Steve's rise from bar bouncer to creating exclusive lifestyle events all over the globe. Extreme events – can you really get Andrea Boccelli to sing for you at a private dinner in Italy? Some of Steve's most memorable clients and events. Steve's invaluable advice to those who want to meet celebrities. The important difference between wealthy and rich. Steve talks about the keys to business success. Featured on the Show: Steve's Website Connect with Steve:  Twitter | Facebook The Ugly Sims Website    

Create Your Prosperity Picture – Ellen Rogin – Episode #39

Ellen Rogin is the co-author of the New York Times best-seller, Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality. Chockfull of “left brain” credentials – Ellen is an MBA, CPA, Certified Financial PlannerTM and owner of a successful wealth management firm –she also walks on the “right” side, balancing values, big picture ideas, meditation and humor with all her professional training. She is as comfortable talking about the power of compound interest as she is talking about the power of belief. Ellen is also founder of the Abundance Activist® movement whose mission it is to help the world think and act more prosperously. Listen To The Full Interview: What You'll Learn From This Episode: Don’t be that guy – “Email Scraper Guy” Her financial services business began in 1990 in a heavily male-dominated field Ellen's career and business evolution – Accountant, CPA, financial planner, starting a wealth management firm How she found early on that her best work would be “to inspire others to achieve their greatness.” The benefit of the “right brain” approach to creativity, intuition, and focus on values and dreams “Inclusivity”—How it plays into financial planning and wealth management The “Why” of financial planning—What do you want to achieve with your money? How to create a prosperity picture. Having deliberate conversations with kids about money. Ellen’s Helpful Habits Featured on the Show: Ellen's Website Connect with Ellen: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook Picture Your Prosperity by Ellen Rogin    

Spread Your Message Through Podcasting – Joel Boggess – Episode #38

Joel Boggess is the go-to guy for clarity, confidence and direction. He's the guy people call when they're feeling stuck, under-challenged or overwhelmed. I know, I’ve called him myself! Joel teaches people how to start over at 40, and how to relaunch their lives. His latest book, Finding your Voice, hit the #1 spot on Amazon for success, happiness, and in the self esteem categories. And his podcast, ReLaunch, which is in syndication, was named by Podcasters' Paradise as the “Most Inspirational” and “Best Overall” podcast of 2014.  I’ve had the pleasure of being on ReLaunch a couple of times myself and it’s a wonderful show. Listen To The Full Interview: What You'll Learn From This Episode: How a morning and evening practice will help you and your business. How to use gratitude and appreciation in your everyday life. How Joel’s story of “re-launching” began with a life-threatening accident. Podcasting—the most cost-effective and efficient way to fill a stadium full of people. Podcasting allows your content to be available 24/7 through iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and other directories. Joel began with an initial show and then transitioned and re-launched to other shows. Joel’s “Light Bulb Moment”—when he took full responsibility for the show’s content, distribution, and growth. ReLaunch just passed the ONE MILLION LISTENS mark! Featured on the Show: Joel's Website Finding Your Voice by Joel Boggess Connect with Lori: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook    

Go Online for Growth – Lori Kennedy – Episode #37

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to Lori Kennedy, the owner of The Wellness Business Academy and The Wellness Business Summit. She is growing a community of passionate and ambitious health leaders who are working together to achieve the company’s 1 million dollar mission and changing the way healthcare is done. Lori helps you learn how to leverage the internet for your business so you can play big and serve more people. Lori is here today to share her story of going from a 1:1 business model to a 1:many business model and how it drastically changed her life. She's even brought you a freebie to help you get your online business set up.   Listen To The Full Interview: What You'll Learn From This Episode: How to build a business oasis  – How Lori knew she was destined for her career The multi-step process to get where she needed to be How being fired from 17 different jobs helped her Why doing all the right “things” for her business didn’t get her customers The “Ah-Ha” moment that happened at the gym How Lori taught herself “Sales” Going from 1:1 to 1:many and how it impacted her revenue and her lifestyle How her business changed when she figured out marketing Online business start up checklist and how you get it for free How adding 30 minutes to your day sets you up for success Featured on the Show: Lori's website, along with a FREE Guide to setting up your…

Social Media for Creators – Catherine Saykaly-Stevens – Episode #36

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens is an author and entrepreneur who teaches writers and authors how to use social media to build their communities of readers and fans. She developed the Writers Social Media Mastery Program and she’s an active leader for the Calgary Social Media Breakfast group and the Calgary Writers Festival as well as a member of the Evolutionary Business Council.  Catherine joins us today to show us how authors and content creators such as bloggers, coaches, and speakers, can use social media to build their communities. Listen To The Full Interview: What You'll Learn From This Episode: How to create a “business oasis” What Catherine learned from owning a speed dating service Catherine's experience dealing with working in male-dominated technology work in the 1990's The interesting parallels between speed dating and social media The #1 struggle for writers and authors with social media The most common mistakes people make on Twitter Best social media platforms for authors and writers-Catherine gives her Top 3 Using Twitter as a search tool Demystifying how to use Hashtags What your REAL social media goal needs to be Catherine's upcoming book release on Social Media Featured on the Show: Catherine's Website The Networking Web Connect with Catherine: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook Create Your Business Oasis – November 17, 2015    



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