How to Stop Overthinking Social Media – Elaine Lindsay – S2Ep08

Stop Overthinking Social - Tina Dietz & Elaine Lindsay

Stop Overthinking Social Media w/ Elaine Lindsay

Social media is crucial nowadays, but i know many of us struggle with it. Elaine Lindsay, founder of TROOL Social Media, social media consultant, Google+ Evangelist and speaker, shares with us her immense expertise on the subject and makes it easier for you to successfully tackle your social media. Remember, consistency is the keyword in Social Media.

Elaine is an early adopter of new technologies and has been a featured authority in two #1 best sellers, “Social Media Myths BUSTED” and “Solving the Social Media Puzzle.” Elaine is also the host of Business Banter Plus TV and regularly appears as guest expert on a number of media outlets, such as CTV Ottawa and The Learning Curve Podcast, in Dubai.

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“Social Media is not a sprint. It’s a marathon.” -@troolsocial

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How small business owners and entrepreneurs are screwing up their social media and where we need to check ourselves
  • The importance of consistency throughout all social media platforms
  • Social media and time management
  • Why you should have an editorial calendar
  • How to build relationships on social media
  • More social, less media
  • The importance of engaging on social media
  • Why Social Media is more about networking and relationship building
  • How to make the most of Google Hangouts even on its worst days
  • Google+ uses
  • The great connection between Google+ and YouTube
  • How to start on Social Media if you’re facing a technology gap
  • Apps you can use on Google+
  • How by being fun you can get your prospects and clients to drop their guard
  • How to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to social media
  • Why you should have Google alerts to let you know when someone you follow is posting
  • How hashtags build a following
  • Elaine’s action steps to help you StartSomething this week
  • Elaine’s legacy for the world.

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