Transitioning Business Leaders – Barb Stuhlemmer – Episode #33

Business Leaders - Tina Dietz & Barb Stuhlemmer

Speaker, Author, Past TV Show Host, College Instructor, and Advisory Chair for The School of Entrepreneurship, Barb Stuhlemmer works to strengthen the courage of business owners to take extraordinary action and reach the million or multi-million dollar income. She is a Master Business Strategist, advisory chair for the school of entrepreneurship, speaker and author as well as the owner of several of her own businesses. 

Barb comes on the show today to talk about her work with business leaders and how she helps grow their business. Stay tuned because Barb has a special offer just for Super Starters!

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Shiny Ball Syndrome Symptoms
  • How Barb’s company came to be
  • How Barb goes above and beyond for her business clients.  She just can’t help herself!
  • How Barb struggled to see herself as an expert in her field
  • What Barb does once yearly to realize her accomplishments
  • A coach and a strategist are NOT the same thing.  Find out the difference!
  • What is a CEO hat?  Do YOU have one?
  • Mindset—it reveals more than your yearly income does
  • Focusing on failure will doom you to struggle
  • Successful Entrepreneurs, young or old, have the same potential
  • Risk: it’s required for all entrepreneurs
  • The “Free-Lancer” mindset—What is it?
  • Part-time employees and teachers—The Wave of the Future?
  • A life of regret is NOT a happy way to live
  • Relationships—ALWAYS the best way to start something.

Featured On The Show:

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