Warm Email Introduction Sample

Here's a sample of an actual email introduction....

Warm Email Introduction

Warm Email Introduction

​Introduction Copy for Referral Partners

This is what I send to colleagues so they can easily introduce me​ to colleagues and clients. I have an entire email folder dedicated to my colleagues' introductions so that I can quickly pull their information and send off an email. I have time in my workweek set aside each week for making connections, and that's how I've built most of my referral business.

Dear (name),

Please meet Tina Dietz. I thought of introducing you to Tina because she is at the front edge of audio marketing trends for nonfiction authors - she’s a top notch speaker, audiobook publisher, podcast producer and strategist, and she’s excellent and helping people grow their audience, influence, and income. Tina has worked with business owners in 20+ industries around the world, generating really innovative results-she calls it "having a business oasis." I love that! It helps that she lives between Costa Rica and the US. Tina has also been featured in Forbes and INC magazines, on ABC and all over podcasts.

Author: I think Tina is the perfect person to work with you to produce and publish your audiobook - please connect - the two of you are going to have an amazing conversation and create waves!

Potential Podcaster: I think Tina is just who you've been looking for to help you launch your podcast so that it meets your goals. Enjoy!

Podcast/Radio Host: If you’re currently interviewing guests for your show, I’d highly recommend Tina - she’s wonderful to talk with and delivers phenomenal content. And of course, she knows all about the most effective ways to promote a podcast!

Publisher: In addition to working with authors, Tina's company has the infrastructure to work with independent publishers to offer audiobook production, publishing, and distribution services to your clients. I see amazing possibilities for both of you. Please connect - you'll be so glad you did.

Literary professional (ghostwriter, editor, agent, PR, etc): I see wonderful opportunities for collaboration and referrals for you both - the two of you are going to have an amazing conversation and create waves!




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