Welcome to Season 2 of the StartSomething Show

Welcome to Season 2 of the StartSomething Show

VIP Backstage Pass - Welcome to Season 2 of the StartSomething Show

Nobody is more surprised than me to announce that there is a second season of the start something show. The story of how this came about is a truly entrepreneurial one - so grab your travel mug of coffee and enjoy this short story episode.

Back when I created The StartSomething Show I wanted to tell the stories behind success - the REAL stories, not the 'overnight success stories' that were really many years in the making. I wanted to pull back the curtain and share the vulnerability, the failures, the real journey of success. So that's what we did.

The episodes in season two are quite a bit different. I had originally recorded these interviews with the intent of them being training modules for the members in my community. BUT, since I had a 'pivot' in my business (and more on that in the episode) now you get the benefit of these nuggets of awesomeness.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why I created the StartSomething Show
  • Why I want to tell the stories behind success
  • What happens when you get really clear on where your genius is
  • How podcasting completely changed the way I do business
  • The surprising discoveries you make about your business when you reach back to your childhood
  • Why trying to fit into what others say you should be doing might not be your true path
  • Lessons learned from my business "pivot" and realization
  • The idea I sat on for over four years that transformed my business
  • How audio took over my life in the best possible way
  • Actionable steps and tools to make things happen
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