Your 1 Year Plan for Adventure – Gail Jessen – Episode #43


Gail Jessen is on a series of adventures. In 2015 Gail quit her job in higher education, sold everything she owned, bought a one way ticket to Bali, and she's working to heal her Hashimoto's disease. Gail has been able to transition from employee to travel writer and coach, while keeping adventure as a priority in her life. Gail is truly a SuperStarter and her story is fascinating.

Today you'll be hearing more about Gail's journey and don't miss her luscious travel pics and articles at the links below. PLUS we're also going to be creating her plan for 2016 during the show today – you can create yours too and ring in the New Year with a whole new level of focus and clarity.

Listen To The Full Episode:

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What you’ll learn from Gail about her experience and strategically planning your 2016:

  • How a Hashimoto’s diagnosis prompted Gail to transform her life, quit her job, sell her stuff, and seek adventure!
  • How Gail evaluated her “transferable skills” so that she could generate a new form of income
  • How Gail chooses her travel intentionally to re-calibrate EVERYTHING in her life!
  • The subtle but crucial difference between “living out of a backpack” and “being a backpacker”
  • The technology combo that allows Gail to travel and work from ANYWHERE
  • Gail’s advice to those who may suffer from chronic issues and want more out of life? “Start by believing that you are worth being healthy. Change your relationship to goal-setting. I had to hit a giant STOP button and change my total mindset.”
  • Gail’s free course, “Awaken“, teaches people to clear away the noise and start making powerful changes.
  • Tina coaches Gail on creating her “Super-Fast One Year Plan
  • The 4 steps to creating a “Super-Fast One Year Plan”
  • The Plan will show you what priorities you should focus on within the next year.
  • Gail explains “Core-Desired Feelings as another level to enhance goal setting and goal achievement
  • How Gail hired a business coach to help along her new entrepreneurial journey
  • Gail explains her next steps , which involve her plans for her mastermind group for alumni of her coaching programs.

Featured on the Show:

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