Boost Your Business Through Networking – Greg Peters – S2Ep25

Boost Your Business - Tina Dietz & Greg Peters

Boost Your Business w/ Greg Peters

When you think about networking you feel a bit “reluctant?” Greg Peters totally understands.

Greg, the reluctant Networker, is back on The StartSomething Show to talk with us more about how you can boost your business by networking, referral building, and how you can start doing effective follow-through.

Before transforming himself into a networking professional, Greg was a computer programmer, and he’s a classic introvert. Through study, practice, and lots of trial and error, he has been able to transform himself into a true networking professional. Catch Greg’s first episode here on The StartSomething Show where you can learn how to build successful businesses in different fields and how he teaches so many people the value of developing powerful personal connections.

After this, you will stop being “reluctant” about networking and, just like Greg, become a pro at it.

“Almost anyone we meet can have some benefit to our network” -@GPetersSpeaks

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Basic networking mistakes people make
  • Systems you can build to follow-through and deepen relationships
  • Challenges people face after a networking event
  • What can you do to reduce the number of business cards you get at a networking event
  • Key Business Tip: “Immediate Follow-Up”
  • The differences between a phone/Skype conversation and meeting in person
  • How to choose who to network with
  • Not sure if you should connect with someone or not? Here’s how to handle it
  • The simple question to get around hardcore salespeople
  • How different networking groups differ
  • How a good referral relationship should work
  • Preparing to have referral partners effectively
  • What questions to ask yourself when looking for good referral partners
  • How simple gestures of appreciation can make a difference to your clients and referral partners
  • Greg’s action steps to help you explore your own story and make use of it
  • Greg’s legacy for the world.

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