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Is Resistance Keeping You From What You Want?

What You Want - Tina Dietz

Your resistance may be keeping you from what you want and not allowing you to get stuff done. And this is the type of resistance I’m talking about here: The most common type of resistance I see in creative people

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5 Strategies to Master Profitable Business Relationships

Profitable Business Relationships - Tina Dietz

Because relationships are the heart and soul of business, I’ve gleaned five powerful strategies to master Profitable Business Relationships

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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Kill Their Productivity

Ways Entrepreneurs Kill Their Productivity - Tina Dietz

How much time do you spend collecting information, certifications, and more training? Yep, these are some of the ways entrepreneurs kill their productivity

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How To Improve Your Service Provider’s Follow Up Emails

Follow Up Emails - Tina Dietz

Here’s how I helped one of my clients, a regional sales director for a major pest control company, transform his follow up emails to get more clients

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Get Referrals from Networking Events & Groups

Networking Events - Tina Dietz

Networking events and groups are great places to meet and gain colleagues, allies, and referral sources. And from these come clients

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