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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Kill Their Productivity

Ways Entrepreneurs Kill Their Productivity - Tina Dietz

How much time do you spend collecting information, certifications, and more training? Yep, these are some of the ways entrepreneurs kill their productivity

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2 Minute Confidence Boost

Confidence Boost - Tina Dietz

We all possess the innate ability to change our confidence level quite literally in 2 minutes with a simple Confidence Boost

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Do You Sound Like A Leader?

Like A Leader - Tina Dietz

You might be hurting your credibility every time you open your mouth, and it’s not what you’re saying. Let me show you how to sound like a leader

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Achieving Your Goals – Pete Winiarski – Episode #47

Your Goals -Tina Dietz & Pete Winiarski

  Pete Winiarski is joining us today on the show and we are going to dive into the topic of goal achievement. Pete is the Founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC, a Management Consulting and Results Coaching Firm as well as co-founder of the Business Consultant

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Stealing the Show to Get the Results You Want – Michael Port – Episode #46

  Michael Port can be seen on MSNBC, CNBC, and PBS as an on air expert and as the host of the most popular podcast on public speaking and performance, Steal the Show with Michael Port. He has written six books, including “Book Yourself Solid” and “Steal

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