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Transitioning Business Leaders – Barb Stuhlemmer – Episode #33

Business Leaders - Tina Dietz & Barb Stuhlemmer

Speaker, Author, Past TV Show Host, College Instructor, and Advisory Chair for The School of Entrepreneurship, Barb Stuhlemmer works to strengthen the courage of business owners to take extraordinary action and reach the million or multi-million dollar income. She is a Master Business Strategist, advisory chair for

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Thinking from the Upside – Lisa Marie Platske – Episode #32

Thinking from the Upside - Tina Dietz & Lisa Marie Platske

CEO of Upside Thinking, Inc., Lisa Marie Platske creates high-performing leaders, coaching women in business from around the globe. An award-winning leadership expert and #1 best-selling author, she uses her law enforcement journey to share what exceptional leaders do differently to seize untapped opportunities, why connection is

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Breaking Negative Thought Patterns – Marla Tabaka – Episode #27

Hello Super Starters!  Today, I’m happy to welcome internationally known success coach and Inc. Magazine columnist Marla Tabaka to the show. Marla works with entrepreneurs to help them realize significant personal and financial success. Her integrative approach to coaching combines mindset management and strategic planning, delivering results that have taken many of

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Organized for Success in Life and Work – Sharon McRill – Episode #25

organized - Tina Dietz & Sharon McRill

Sharon McRill likes to help busy people get things done. She is the Owner and President of the Betty Brigade which is an Ann Arbor, MI based personal assistance and concierge company. Sharon and her team of twelve Betties perform such projects as moving coordination,  organizing and

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Ep #23: Gloria Coppola – Miracles Happen

Today, our special guest is Gloria Coppola. She is a massage therapist, as well as a respected and well-known massage therapy continuing education teacher in the ancient art of Lomilomi. Gloria has been a health and wellness entrepreneur for over 25 years, and she has been a

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