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Ep #23: Gloria Coppola – Miracles Happen

Today, our special guest is Gloria Coppola. She is a massage therapist, as well as a respected and well-known massage therapy continuing education teacher in the ancient art of Lomilomi. Gloria is here today to talk about an exciting new venture that has been extremely successful for her as a leader in the network and marketing industry, particularly in the organic nutrition arena.

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Ep #22: Maria Pascucci – Leading with Your Authentic Message


Maria Pascucci, a formerly highly sensitive stressaholic, joins the show to talk about the power of leading with your authentic message

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Ep #15: GuruNanda – 14 Minutes to Change Your Life

14 Minutes to Change Your Life - Tina Dietz & GuruNanda

GuruNanda, entrepreneur-turned-yogi and the author of GuruNanda’s “Happy Breath Yoga,” shows you how you just need 14 minutes to change your life

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