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Healing and Health Through Sound – Sharon Carne – Episode #26

Welcome Super Starters! Today I am excited to have Sharon Carne on the show.  Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness.  She’s a musician, educator, and most interestingly a Sound Healer.  Sound healing is the concept of using sound to aid healing by reducing stress and removing

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Ep #22: Maria Pascucci – Leading with Your Authentic Message


Maria Pascucci is a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist and formerly highly sensitive stressaholic. Maria joins the show today to talk about her path from literally making herself sick trying to be perfect, to leading with her authentic message and helping other women do the same. Maria is a

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Ep #20: Carolyn Ellis – The Power of Doodling

The Power of Doodling - Tina Dietz & Carolyn Ellis

Today, I am thrilled to welcome Carolyn Ellis to the show. Carolyn is the founder of Brilliance Mastery and is a visual facilitator, speaker, award-winning coach, author, and a transformational expert. Carolyn joins us to explain how you can unleash your doodling powers to boost creativity and

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Ep #18: Tamara Green – Accepting Love Into Your Life

Accepting Love Into Your Life - Tina Dietz & Tamara Green

Today, I’m happy to welcome Tamara Green to the show. Tamara and I are talking about relationships, which are the fundamental underpinnings for all life and business as far as I’m concerned. Tamara is a love and relationship expert, a psychotherapist, a mediation facilitator and a certified

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Ep #16: Jill Fischer – Meditation with a Purpose

Meditation with a Purpose - Tina Dietz & Jill Fischer

Today, our special guest is Jill Fischer. Jill is an international speaker, teacher, coach and TV talk show host with over 25 years of experience. She is also currently the President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Vancouver, Canada, a professional hypnotherapist and mindset success coach.

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