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Ep #20: Carolyn Ellis – The Power of Doodling

The Power of Doodling - Tina Dietz & Carolyn Ellis

I am thrilled to welcome Carolyn Ellis to the show. Carolyn joins us to explain the power of doodling and how you can unleash yours.

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Ep #18: Tamara Green – Accepting Love Into Your Life

Accepting Love Into Your Life - Tina Dietz & Tamara Green

Welcome today’s guest, Tamara Green, a Loving Relationship Expert, as well as psychotherapist and mediation facilitator. Start accepting love into your life

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Ep #16: Jill Fischer – Meditation with a Purpose

Meditation with a Purpose - Tina Dietz & Jill Fischer

Jill Fischer is an international speaker, teacher, coach and TV talk show host with over 25 years of experience. We talk about meditation with a purpose

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Ep #15: GuruNanda – 14 Minutes to Change Your Life

14 Minutes to Change Your Life - Tina Dietz & GuruNanda

GuruNanda, entrepreneur-turned-yogi and the author of GuruNanda’s “Happy Breath Yoga,” shows you how you just need 14 minutes to change your life

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