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The Importance of Influence…Mass Influence – Teresa de Grosbois – Episode #30

Mass Influence

Teresa de Grosbois teaches corporations and entrepreneurs how to create massively successful word of mouth campaigns by tapping into the top leaders, promoters, networkers and influencers in your industry. Teresa has used word of mouth epidemics to take three of her own books to best-seller status and

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Unlocking Your Joy Journey – MarBeth Dunn – Episode #29

MarBeth Dunn is known as the Joy to Abundance Strategist. We can all use a little more joy and abundance in our lives, can’t we?  She’s the founder of The Spiritual Wealth Activation System, and the best selling co-author of “Start Right Marketing” and “Conversations that Make

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Helping Boomers Start Something – David Cohen – Episode #28

I’m excited to welcome David Cohen to The Start Something Show!  David is an author, business coach and facilitator and was the former host/producer of the Small Business Big Ideas Show, heard weekly for over 9 years.   David has interviewed guests like the late great Stephen

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Breaking Negative Thought Patterns – Marla Tabaka – Episode #27

Hello Super Starters!  Today, I’m happy to welcome internationally known success coach and Inc. Magazine columnist Marla Tabaka to the show. Marla works with entrepreneurs to help them realize significant personal and financial success. Her integrative approach to coaching combines mindset management and strategic planning, delivering results that have taken many of

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Healing and Health Through Sound – Sharon Carne – Episode #26

Welcome Super Starters! Today I am excited to have Sharon Carne on the show.  Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness.  She’s a musician, educator, and most interestingly a Sound Healer.  Sound healing is the concept of using sound to aid healing by reducing stress and removing

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