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How Understanding Neurological Hardwiring Improves Business – Lisa Mininni – S2Ep14

Understanding Neurological Hardwiring - Tina Dietz & Lisa Mininni

Understanding Neurological Hardwiring w/ Lisa MininniHave you ever stopped to think about the importance and the role that our neurological hardwiring plays in your business? Today, we are diving into this fascinating topic with hardwiring and systems expert, Lisa Mininni.Founder of Excellerate Associates and the Excellerate Success Institute

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Unleash Your Creativity and Decision Making Through Doodling – Carolyn Ellis – S2Ep13

Unleash Your Creativity - Tina Dietz & Carolyn Ellis

Unleash Your Creativity and Decision Making w/ Carolyn EllisFounder of and visual facilitator doodling goddess extraordinaire, Carolyn Ellis, is going to show you how to unleash your doodling powers to feed your creativity and decision making. This VIP Backstage Pass episode is best listened to after you

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How To Remove Any Block in Your Path and Have a Truly Mindful Life – Tamara Green – S2Ep12

Have a Truly Mindful Life - Tina Dietz & Tamara Green

Remove Any Block in Your Path and Have a Truly Mindful Life w/ Tamara GreenWe all deal with relationships on a daily basis – with ourselves, to our clients, our families, communities. It’s a central part of our lives, and yet this area doesn’t get the focus it

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What Hypnotherapy and NLP Therapy Can Do For You – Jill Fischer – S2Ep11

Hypnotherapy and NLP Therapy - Tina Dietz & Jill Fischer

Make the Necessary Mind Shifts to Start Your Successful Business with Hypnotherapy and NLP Therapy w/ Jill FischerHypnotherapy creates a necessary opening in your brain to create changes in your behavior that you want, while Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) creates faster integration. Sound like crazy woowoo stuff? Not if you’re

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How to Write Brilliant Marketing Copy From The Heart – Lisa Manyon – S2Ep10

Write Brilliant Marketing Copy - Lisa Manyon & Tina Dietz

Write Brilliant Marketing Copy w/ Lisa ManyonI am not a fan of the blank page. Yikes! Nor does the traditional copywriting and marketing model of ‘pressing people’s pain points’ resonate. No thank you. Lisa Manyon’s work helped me break through my own writing blocks and create a new

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