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Marketing for Professionals Who Hate Marketing – Terri Levine – S2Ep5

Marketing for Professionals

Marketing for Professionals Who Hate Marketing w/ Terri LevineYour brilliance doesn’t have to be in marketing and sales. Your brilliance is your expertise. BUT, what do you do when you can’t stand selling and marketing? Here’s how you can become influential and successful even when you’re not good

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Balance Business and Family with The Power of Focus – Les Hewitt – S2Ep04

Balance Business and Family

Balance Business and Family with The Power of Focus w/ Les HewittEven if you’re highly dedicated to your business, you need to find time for you and for your family. Easier said than done, right? My guest Les Hewitt today shares with you some of the lessons he has

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How to Find the Right Mentor and Unlock Your True Potential – Dr. John Demartini – S2Ep3

Find the Right Mentor

Find the Right Mentor and Unlock Your True Potential w/ Dr. John DemartiniDr. John Demartini, one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development, shares his wisdom and knowledge on what you to do to ensure you find the right mentor to you. And this knowledge,

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Change Your Happiness Set Point – Marci Shimoff – S2Ep2

Change Your Happiness Set Point

Simple Exercise That Will Change Your Life w/ Marci ShimoffWould you believe me if I told you that you were biologically wired to have a ‘happiness set point?’ NYT #1 bestselling author and world-renowned transformational teacher and and happiness expert Marci Shimoff is back to discuss if and

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Working With Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and Diana Ross – Thomas Bähler – S2Ep1

To Get What You Want

The Right Questions to Ask to Get What You Want w/ Thomas BählerThomas Bähler shares with us his extraordinary wisdom on how to live a life that fulfills you and is of service to others. Do you know what you want?Develop the right actions and get more

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