How To Create The Year You REALLY Want

Here are several key elements that you need to create the year you really want.

The Year Your Really Want - Tina Dietz

Did your 2018 start with a bang, or a whimper?

When it comes to creating a satisfying, fulfilling year, I’ve learned that taking time to create what Stephen Covey would’ve called “big rocks” (major goals) at the beginning of each year is key.

​Do you set up a vision and goals for yourself each year?

​Here are several key elements that you need to achieve what’s most important to you THIS YEAR.

  1. ​Remember creating the vision of your Perfect Day? Once you have that vision, take a moment to bring up how it feels in your body, mind, and spirit. Take note of the feelings and sensations, and write them down.

    ​**Pro Tip: by remembering how the emotions and body sensations feel, you can practice bringing those feelings and sensations up in your body, mind, and spirit on a daily basis. Feeling amazing takes PRACTICE, and this is a fabulous mental discipline.

  2. Choose 1-3 key feeling terms that you want to guide or characterize your year. In 2018, my husband and I chose to make this the year of Curiosity & Wonder. You already know I’m a HUGE fan of curiosity as a tool to give ourselves access to more courage, dispel fear, and increase our productivity and focus. Adding Wonder to the mix allows me to truly enjoy the journey, find beauty in small things, and engage my ‘beginners mind’ and allow more contribution from others.

    **Pro Tip: Setting goals and actions in a space of physical and mental space that is positive will result in very different decision making than a space of fear, constriction, or control.
  3. Set 2 primary business or professional outcomes and 2 primary personal outcomes for 2018. The old saying goes…

    Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

    It’s more important to focus on a couple of primary outcomes that are the most important and impactful to you, rather than a laundry list that’s overwhelming.
  4. For each of your 2 biz and 2 personal outcomes, create “horizons” that help you turn your big outcomes into smaller ones. I call these smaller goals or outcomes “horizons” because they represent, in a metaphorical sense, about how far out into the future you can “see.” In other words, when you’re eating an elephant, the horizons are the “one bite at a time” part of that meal.

    **Pro Tip: I set my Horizons to be every 2 months, then review, assess, and refresh for the next two months.

Left to our own devices, goal setting can seem a little overwhelming at times. There’s creating the Vision, then creating the steps between your current world and what you want to create, and then implementing it all! Right now, you may not know all you’ll need to know to have the outcome you want actually HAPPEN.

It’s ok, just take the first step by declaring what you want, and then part of the process is figuring out the how.

Check the video below for more ways to create the year you really want, plus more detailed tips, techniques, and inspiration!

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