How to Get Better Organized to Grow Your Business Faster – Sharon McRill – S2Ep16

How to Get Better Organized - Tina Dietz & Sharon McRill

How To Get Better Organized w/ Sharon McRill

Sharon McRill, owner and president of The Betty Brigade, is one of the most organized and straightforward human beings I've ever met, and an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. The Betty Brigade is a full-service relocation and organization company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and serving clients nationwide.

On her first visit to the StartSomething Show, Sharon shared with us both tactical and strategic tips to help you get your life and your business organized. Today, she shares with us her thoughts on expanding a business, as well as some of her expert tips in moving and downsizing.

Sharon is fantastic at organizing your life, but she is also super transparent about her own business growth and the lessons she’s learned along the way. Ever considered franchising your business? Sharon has first-hand experience pursuing this path and some fascinating insight about the process-proving once again that often it’s smarter to get creative rather than do what’s expected.

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“You have to be ready for when the opportunity presents itself.” -@bettybrigade

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Best ways to expand your business
  • Should you franchise?
  • What barriers you can expect to find when looking to franchise
  • Why The Betty Brigade decide to expand in a more creative way
  • The importance of planning the future of your business now*
  • Why planning for long-term changes impacts your actions today
  • Bringing more humanity into your business relationships and how that serves everyone
  • How to decide what to keep and what to let go when moving or downsizing
  • What happens to your “stuff” when you decide to let it go?
  • The food chain of STUFF
  • Sharon’s action steps to help you StartSomething this week
  • How to prioritize your time
  • Sharon’s legacy for the world.

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