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Are you a purple squirrel or a happy puppy? Maybe both?

Our clients started businesses to become magical creatures, not beasts of burden.

We’re experts at showing you how to navigate the dance between your personal growth and your business growth, crafting your vision and turning it into practical, targeted action. Ready to bring your vision into reality? This is the place.

Gail Jessen
Coach + Firestarter
at A Series of Adventures

Working with Tina has been like rocket fuel for my business!

I came to her with a full-time job, a 30-day old LLC, and a lot of ideas. Six months later I left my job and booked a one-way flight to Bali with my location-independent business in tow. Tina helped me embrace my identity as a coach and guided me to understand how my corporate skills translate into the entrepreneurial world. We zeroed in on my target market and secured strategic media exposure. In my first six months of business alone I've worked with 28 clients. Tina's strengths are many, but the key for me has been strategy. She's objective, matter of fact, and committed to bringing out your personal best. Co-creating with Tina has been a warp speed, irreverent, challenging, rewarding ride.


Podcasting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to establish your expertise and thought-leadership while invigorating your existing audience and expanding your influence.

We work with trusted brands and visionary leaders to bring you into the ears and minds of the people you serve with authenticity and integrity.

With solid positioning, a killer launch strategy, and integration with your current brand and marketing, your podcast is a prime asset resulting in raving fans.

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Debbie Pokornik
+ Host of Vibrant Powerful Moms

Five Minutes into my session I got clear on what I was missing & I'm so glad I did!

Before I had my Podcasting for Business Strategy Session with Tina, I was confident that I was ready to launch my podcast. But five minutes into our session I got clear on what I was missing and I'm so glad I did this before I launched my show. Thanks to Tina's patient guidance I now feel like I have a clear plan and I know what I need to do to get my podcast off the ground, reach my intended audience, and make an impact.​


Nonfiction authors - expand your audience, income, influence and opportunities with ease and peace of mind.

We have a deep specialty in producing, publishing, and launching audiobooks - the fastest growing, in-demand segment of the book publishing industry. You have already put so much time and energy into creating your book, now it’s time to leverage your hard work and reap the benefits.

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Martin Parnell
Professional Speaker, Author &
5 times Guinness World Record holder

One of Tina's strongest attributes is her communication style. I was never left wondering what's next.

Working with Tina on my first audio book, MARATHON QUEST was a pleasure. She took me through the process step by step from selecting the narrator to publishing the book. There were no surprises along the way. It was clear what Tina expected of me and what I expected Tina. One of her strongest attributes is her communication style. I was never left wondering what's next. I look forward to working with Tina on my next book, RUNNING TO THE EDGE



Problem Solving in 10 minutes

The proven blueprint to get unstuck fast and reach your goals NOW