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How To Successfully Achieve Your Goals – Pete Winiarski – S2Ep24

How many times have you find yourself lost in the woods on your way to your goal? Successfully achieve your goals without getting lost and have some fun with the process.

Pete Winiarski is founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC, a Management Consulting and Results Coaching Firm as well as co-founder of the Business Consultant Institute, and has been guest expert on all major television outlets in the US. Pete is also the bestselling author of “Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days,” which helps both businesses and individuals to be action-oriented and achieve their goals.

How To Unleash The Message You Really Want Others To Follow – Sharon Sayler – S2Ep23

How To Unleash The Message You Really Want w/ Sharon Sayler. Our communications and body language expert, Sharon Sayler, joins us to talk about nonverbal communication and how you can unleash the message you really want others to hear and follow, as opposed to the message that people are actually receiving from you. It will blow your mind what a simple shift in hand gestures can do to your message!

Unleash Your Leadership Through Purposeful Storytelling – Michel Neray – S2Ep22

Michel Neray is without a doubt one of my favorite people on this planet! Michel is not only a colleague and a brilliant speaking, marketing, and storytelling expert, but a good friend and mentor.On his first visit to The StartSomething Show, Michel talked with us about the importance of storytelling, how you can start sharing your story to engage your audience.

The Three Main Pillars You Need To Build Your Business – Camille Leon – S2Ep21

Camille Leon, joins us today to give you tips about what it takes to create a business association with multiple chapters and facets, and the three essential main “pillars” you need to build your business successfully-holistic or otherwise!The Holistic Chamber of Commerce has chapters all over the U.S. and Canada, and Camille chronicled her journey of creating this innovative organization in her book “False Starts: The Misadventures of Transformation.”

How to Unleash Your Leadership Through Connections and Positioning – Lisa Marie Platske – S2Ep19

Lisa Marie Platske is the CEO and founder of Upside Thinking, Inc. She creates high-performing leaders, coaches people from around the world, and has her focus on generating connections, leadership and powerful positioning for her clients. Today we will be talking about ALL THE THINGS related to becoming a powerful leader and using connections and positioning to increase leadership.

3 Keys to Unleash Your Creative Living – Pamela Thompson – S2Ep18

We brought back Pamela Thompson, international consultant, business coach, and the author of the No. 1 best-seller, “Learning To Dance With Life: A Guide for High Achieving Women.”Pamela is a true wealth of knowledge and today she will talk about her 3 keys to Creative Living, and how you can consciously cultivate improved health, happiness, fulfillment and inner peace in your life.Learn all the work Pamela did with the World Health Organization, and all the amazing places she has been with her management consulting business – from Nigeria to Afghanistan – plus her experience living in Colombia during the 1980’s at the height of the cocaine trade.

How You Can Use The Power Of Sound to Reduce Stress – Sharon Carne – S2Ep17

Sharon Carne is the owner and founder of Sound Wellness, a brilliant organization at the forefront of education of how sound and music can be applied to your everyday life, making it better.Sharon is a professional musician, professor, recording artist, and most interestingly a Sound Healer – she uses sound to aid healing by reducing stress and removing emotional blocks, and her company teaches sound healing techniques to practitioners internationally.

How to Get Better Organized to Grow Your Business Faster – Sharon McRill – S2Ep16

Sharon McRill, owner and president of The Betty Brigade, is one of the most organized and straightforward human beings I've ever met, and an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. The Betty Brigade is a full-service relocation and organization company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and serving clients nationwide.On her first visit to the StartSomething Show, Sharon shared with us both tactical and strategic tips to help you get your life and your business organized.

Embrace Your Sensitivity – Maria Pascucci – S2Ep15

Author and transformational speaker Maria Pascucci works with high achieving and highly sensitive people to embrace your sensitivity as one of your greatest assets. After showing us how to lead with your authentic message, Maria hands out tools and tips on how to embrace your sensitivity and become a better leader and more successful person as a result.A recovering perfectionist and formerly highly sensitive stressaholic, Maria is a certified professional life coach, transformational nutrition educator, award-winning author and national women’s leadership speaker.

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