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4 Steps To Properly Leverage Your Time – Barb Stuhlemmer – S2Ep20

Leverage Your Time - Tina Dietz & Barb Stuhlemmer

How To Properly Leverage Your Time w/ Barb StuhlemmerTime is the one resource we can’t renew and we can’t get back. We’re always looking for more time for both business and pleasure. So what’s the deal? Why do we all seem to struggle with time?On Barb Stuhlemmer’s

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How to Unleash Your Leadership Through Connections and Positioning – Lisa Marie Platske – S2Ep19

Connections and Positioning - Tina Dietz & Lisa Marie Platske

Unleash Your Leadership Through Connections and Positioning w/ Lisa Marie PlatskeLisa Marie Platske is the CEO and founder of Upside Thinking, Inc. She creates high-performing leaders, coaches people from around the world, and has her focus on generating connections, leadership and powerful positioning for her clients. Today

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3 Keys to Unleash Your Creative Living – Pamela Thompson – S2Ep18

Creative Living - Tina Dietz & Pamela Thompson

3 keys to Creative Living w/ Pamela ThompsonWe brought back Pamela Thompson, international consultant, business coach, and the author of the No. 1 best-seller, “Learning To Dance With Life: A Guide for High Achieving Women.”Pamela is a true wealth of knowledge and today she will talk about

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How You Can Use The Power Of Sound to Reduce Stress – Sharon Carne – S2Ep17

Sound to Reduce Stress - Tina Dietz & Sharon Carne

Use The Power Of Sound to Reduce Stress w/ Sharon CarneSharon Carne is the owner and founder of Sound Wellness, a brilliant organization at the forefront of education of how sound and music can be applied to your everyday life, making it better.Sharon is a professional musician,

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How to Get Better Organized to Grow Your Business Faster – Sharon McRill – S2Ep16

How to Get Better Organized - Tina Dietz & Sharon McRill

How To Get Better Organized w/ Sharon McRillSharon McRill, owner and president of The Betty Brigade, is one of the most organized and straightforward human beings I’ve ever met, and an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. The Betty Brigade is a full-service relocation and organization company based in

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