How To Successfully Achieve Your Goals – Pete Winiarski – S2Ep24

achieve your goals - Tina Dietz & Pete Winiarski

How to Successfully Achieve Your Goals w/ Pete Winiarski

How many times have you find yourself lost in the woods on your way to your goal? Successfully achieve your goals without getting lost and have some fun with the process.

Pete Winiarski is founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC, a Management Consulting and Results Coaching Firm as well as co-founder of the Business Consultant Institute, and has been guest expert on all major television outlets in the US. Pete is also the bestselling author of “Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days,” which helps both businesses and individuals to be action-oriented and achieve their goals.

Makes sense to have Pete back on the show again to talk about goal achievement, doesn’t it? If you still haven’t heard his first episode here on The StartSomething Show, don’t miss the opportunity to make of next year the year you achieve your goals.

“Achieving your goals is worth doing and fun” -@petewiniarski

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The 5-C’s of Goal Achievement
  • Why these 5-C’s are fundamental to achieving your goals
  • 1st C: “Cascade”
  • Why you should ultimately think about your goals into 90-day periods of time
  • 2nd C: “Create”
  • What does “creation” mean when setting your goals
  • It’s okay to go back and adjust your goals
  • 3rd C: “Commit”
  • What are you “committing” to when setting your goals
  • The three types of action
  • The role daily affirmations play for goal achievement
  • How goal-achieving-moments of inspiration will start happening for you
  • What overwhelm stops you from achieving
  • 4th C: “Confirm”
  • Staying on track with your goals
  • 5th C: “Celebrate”
  • The importance of “celebrating” along the way to goal achievement
  • How to grab hold of what you already deserve
  • Some favorite ways to celebrate achieving your goals
  • How goal achievement can be a teachable moment for your kids
  • Pete’s legacy for the world.

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