The Business Advice That Causes the Most Damage

Rant Warning - This common 'advice' hurts more than it helps...

Business Advice - Tina Dietz


I’m listening along in a really good, NY Times bestselling audiobook about success and reaching your goals and all pumped up, doing my thing on the elliptical machine when suddenly IT happens.

That moment where I want to throw large, heavy objects through windows.

Christ/Krishna on a cracker, did she HAVE to go there?

We were all good until she insisted that the difference between success and failure, between reaching your goals and a life of mediocrity and disappointment, was one simple thing.

“Your limiting beliefs.”

AAAAUUUUUGHHHHHH!! Do you know what this statement is?

Business Advice - Tina Dietz

Yes. It’s a trap. This is the single most widely accepted piece of success advice that causes the most damage - both emotionally as well as pragmatically.

This entire conversation that “you’ll never be successful if you have limiting beliefs,” has GOT to go.

Of COURSE it’s important to work on yourself. But if you believe you can’t be successful because you haven’t worked out your limiting beliefs…THAT’S A LIMITING BELIEF!!

By the way, the video will clarify this issue loud and clear, but NSFW 🙂

Human beings are works in progress. Is being a good person a prerequisite for success? I mean seriously, have you seen the number of ‘successful’ megalomaniac jackasses out there?

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve felt like a complete freaking moron, worried that I had NO idea what I was doing and that I get embarrassed, laughed at or called out. Fearful that I’d lose money or waste all my time.

What’s most powerful to create success (YOUR definition of success) is to take consistent actions, however small, to shift yourself BOTH from the inside out and from the outside in.

Babies learn to walk by walking, pianists learn to play from practicing, successful people learn to be successful by taking actions consistent with their vision of success.

As my friend and colleague Teresa de Grosbois would say,

"It’s ok to succeed sloppily." -@TeresaDee

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