Thinking from the Upside – Lisa Marie Platske – Episode #32

Thinking from the Upside - Tina Dietz & Lisa Marie Platske

CEO of Upside Thinking, Inc., Lisa Marie Platske creates high-performing leaders, coaching women in business from around the globe. An award-winning leadership expert and #1 best-selling author, she uses her law enforcement journey to share what exceptional leaders do differently to seize untapped opportunities, why connection is the new currency, and how to position yourself as a stand-out expert in your industry. The founder of the Design Your Destiny LIVE, she lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband, Jim and their two pet foxes.

In this episode, Lisa Marie shares her path from government employee to entrepreneur, even though she had no prior business experience. Lisa Marie has learned so much since she started out, and one of her biggest lessons is the importance of connection. Don't miss a minute of this episode to hear other tips for Upside Thinking.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • SuperStarter of the Month – Tony and Kate Nataro – Frankly Essential
  • How Lisa Marie transitioned from law enforcement to entrepreneur
  • Why she walked away, without having a clue what she was going to do
  • How the skills she learned at her job set her up to create her own business
  • How she got a $50K contract within her first 6 months
  • Why giving and being of service opened the door to her first contract
  • Who is Mary Effin Sunshine
  • Lessons and gifts from being raised by a single Mom
  • Positioning and visibility are not the same
  • Why positioning trumps visibility
  • Lisa Marie’s unique journaling practice.

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