How Understanding Neurological Hardwiring Improves Business – Lisa Mininni – S2Ep14

Understanding Neurological Hardwiring - Tina Dietz & Lisa Mininni

Understanding Neurological Hardwiring w/ Lisa Mininni

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance and the role that our neurological hardwiring plays in your business? Today, we are diving into this fascinating topic with hardwiring and systems expert, Lisa Mininni.

Founder of Excellerate Associates and the Excellerate Success Institute for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Development, Lisa is also the author of the best-selling “Me, Myself and Why: The Secrets to Navigating Change.” Lisa is on a mission to change how we think about growing small businesses by helping small business owners create sustainable businesses and systems aligned with their skills.

​Lisa is a sought-after expert, known in more than 11 countries for her work as a hardwiring and business systems expert.

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“Distrust in teams can be the result of how people process ideas & thoughts.” -@LisaMininni

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Internal Thinkers vs. External Thinkers - which are you?
  • Daily examples of our communication drivers in action
  • How can teams shift from distrust to trust
  • What is Agenda Managing?
  • How to make the most of the internal and external thinkers’ inputs in your team
  • The importance of knowing who your audience is
  • Pulling clients in vs. Pushing hard to get clients
  • How a small business owner brings in more business by pulling their ideal clients in
  • Lisa’s simple process to grow your network
  • How can you continue a sales conversation without being salesy
  • What a Leads Generation system is and what can it do for your business
  • How you can directly speak to your audience’s problems and frustration
  • Lisa’s recommendation to simplify how you manage your contacts and networking
  • What books have made a difference for Lisa
  • Lisa’s action steps to help you StartSomething this week
  • Lisa’s legacy for the world.

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