Unleash Your Creativity and Decision Making Through Doodling – Carolyn Ellis – S2Ep13

Unleash Your Creativity - Tina Dietz & Carolyn Ellis

Unleash Your Creativity and Decision Making w/ Carolyn Ellis

Founder of BrillianceMastery.com and visual facilitator doodling goddess extraordinaire, Carolyn Ellis, is going to show you how to unleash your doodling powers to feed your creativity and decision making. This VIP Backstage Pass episode is best listened to after you listen to Carolyn’s first StartSomething Show episode. Especially because we are going to get our goo on. Yes, I said goo.

Carolyn started out on Wall Street as a senior government policy advisor and Director of Fundraising before completely changing her life and starting something new. She combines her Harvard training and her advising and business background, with her deep intuitive abilities and life-long love affair with colorful markers and sticky notes to help her clients visualize their message. Today, Carolyn helps decision makers and leaders stand out with unique and powerful experiences for their clients and teams. She uses captivating infographics, doodles, and full-size visual murals to help them take notes, make hard decisions, and bring creativity into the forefront of their businesses.

​And if you haven’t yet, download the 3 Ways Doodling Attracts More Clients and Clarity, a doodled download to get your own doodle on!

​Get ready to break-out your markers and go into your goo stage. Trust me, you’ll like it.

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“Honor your wisdom, trust yourself & make meaning in the moment.” -@carolynellis

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Is there a good time to reinvent yourself and your business?
  • The importance of paying attention and listening to your inner-voice
  • How you can start using doodling as a tool to help your decision making process
  • If you need to know how to draw to doodle
  • How your daily notes can unleash your creativity and improve your memory
  • How colors, outlines and colorful sticky notes get your juices flowing
  • The “Throwing It Up On The Wall” process
  • Doodling’s practical applications for your business
  • Carolyn’s action steps to help you StartSomething this week
  • The importance of having personal brainstorm time
  • How meaningful conversations with others can help your new business
  • How daily baby-steps unleash your creativity and brilliance
  • Carolyn’s legacy for the world.

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