How to Unleash Your Leadership Through Connections and Positioning – Lisa Marie Platske – S2Ep19

Connections and Positioning - Tina Dietz & Lisa Marie Platske

Unleash Your Leadership Through Connections and Positioning w/ Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa Marie Platske is the CEO and founder of Upside Thinking, Inc. She creates high-performing leaders, coaches people from around the world, and has her focus on generating connections, leadership and powerful positioning for her clients. Today we will be talking about ALL THE THINGS related to becoming a powerful leader and using connections and positioning to increase leadership.

Give yourself permission to be the rusty cat. Yes, it’s the internet so we have to have cats!

Listen in to the story of my stray cat and how he taught me a powerful leadership lesson about connections and positioning.

Oh: And you can’t miss Lisa Marie’s first episode on the StartSomething Show!

“Connecting is a courtship - not a one-night stand.” -@UpsideThinking

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • We discuss why “Connection is the new currency”
  • How connections opens doors of opportunity and influence
  • Common mistakes you’re most likely to make that hurt your connections
  • What journalists can teach us about making powerful connections
  • Powerful leaders do this all the time, but “average Joes” don’t
  • How to showcase your expertise through asking questions, rather than ‘telling’
  • What is the convincing game?
  • The great questions Lisa asks when first making a connection
  • Lisa’s definition of “positioning” and what you need to be doing
  • How effective positioning really works to showcase your expertise
  • What words will make you fell into connection traps you don’t see
  • All about power verbs!
  • How to craft your positioning statement
  • What positioning and storytelling have in common
  • Making sure your positioning is authentic to who you are
  • Allowing yourself to practice (even experts practice!)
  • Lisa Marie’s action steps to help you StartSomething this week
  • Simple exercises to implement that strengthen your connections and positioning
  • Lisa Marie’s legacy for the world.

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