How To Unleash The Message You Really Want Others To Follow – Sharon Sayler – S2Ep23

unleash the message - Tina Dietz & Sharon Sayler

How To Unleash The Message You Really Want w/ Sharon Sayler

Our communications and body language expert, Sharon Sayler, joins us to talk about nonverbal communication and how you can unleash the message you really want others to hear and follow, as opposed to the message that people are actually receiving from you. It will blow your mind what a simple shift in hand gestures can do to your message!

Sharon is an international communications trainer, trainer, speaker, CEO of the Strategic Communications Firm - Competitive Edge Communications, and the best-selling author of seven books.

Sharon works with a wide range of clientele — executives, entrepreneurs, universities, corporations and organizations such as Delta Airlines, Yale’s Graduate School of Management, and the Women’s Executive Leadership Council.

Through Competitive Edge Communications, Sharon reaches professionals around the world how to be courageous leaders using critical communication skills.

Don’t miss Sharon’s first episode here on The StartSomething Show and check out the free bonus Sharon has for all of you: The 5 Little-Known Things That Affect How Others See You...

“Breathing is critical. And it’s the No.1 thing that you’re judged on” -@ssayler

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The uncommon and super-powerful place Sharon begins when teaching non-verbal communication
  • The first place in your body language that you need to be as authentic and transparent as you can
  • The 360-Breathing technique
  • The impact to your body language when you’re breathing wrong
  • What you can do to shift negative impacts in you and others
  • Leadership Skill: How to calm an angry or agitated person
  • Leadership Skill: How to best deliver bad or volatile news
  • Gestures in your body language that you need to pay attention to
  • “Jargon” gestures, and why you need to be careful about using them
  • The three cross-cultural hand-gestures that you can use universally
  • What women leaders can do nonverbally to send a firmer, stronger message
  • Language softeners and why you need to drop them
  • How to properly deliver your idea without eagerness or missing the ideal timing for it
  • “Hero Language” vs. “Team Member Language”
  • What is being “Artfully Vague?”
  • Sharon’s action steps to help you explore your own story and make use of it
  • Sharon’s legacy for the world.

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